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Who we are.

Keith Wallace, Manging Director
Keith Wallace, Managing Director

Envirofil Ltd was incorporated in 1997.
Keith Wallace is managing director & owner of Envirofil Ltd. Having worked in the medical and research sector in regards to human xenograft work for the former imperial cancer research fund and giving papers on isolator techniques and containment. He has now been in the contamination control industry for over 35 years.
Keith Wallace, in the past, has worked for other testing validation companies. He was also involved at the time with the validation of HIV containment and other suites. He has been a technical sales director and was closely involved in the training of other engineers with respect to testing and validation.
Envirofil Ltd. carry out validation & testing to include in situ HEPA filter leak testing, local exhaust ventilation systems, fume cupboards & microbiological safety cabinets to current appropriate standards including P601, and also containment systems to current BS EN ISO international standards.
Envirofil Ltd. are a contamination control company looking after your environment. We also currently supply the medical, health, manufacturing and other associated industries with disposable apparel including Tyvek disposable clothing, the supply of latex, nitrile, and vinyl disposable gloves, also respiratory protective equipment which we are fully trained, but also have links to Fit2Fit accredited companies.
Our prices are very competitive. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.


Envirofil ltd helps clients to improve the work place environment and cut down the possible contamination within the work place and to its staff. Envirofil can also survey sites to show its clients how to save energy within the work place, Envirofil Ltd provides businesses with a professional service. Using fully calibrated scientific test equipment and experienced personnel, the service is designed so that its clients meet current HSE Guidelines/Regulations.


The company can supply a range of Disposable apparel to include disposable gloves, hair nets, overshoes, RPE (Full-face, half-face, disposable) and all other disposable products that are used in the pharmaceutical and food industry at very competitive prices that save money and are appropriate for the hygiene concept for businesses. The disposable products are widely used within the NHS and are sourced world wide, the product range includes all disposable protective clothing products.

Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Biological Decontamination Regular testing and validation. We will carry out all necessary tests to ensure the equipment meets BS EN 12469:2000 and any other requirements for the specific sector. Testing and validation can be combined with maintenance to minimise downtime and ensure your cabinet is back in operation as quickly as possible. Other tests include checking electrical and mechanical components, checking filters and duct-work airflow


Envirofil can help you with focused projects to get your LEV and fume cupboard systems functioning at the level they should be. This service is ideal for when you have an undefined LEV or fume cupboard issue that you need to address. For instance, if you are a new HSE manager tasked to bring your factories extraction up to scratch, but are unsure where to start. Or perhaps the HSE has visited and found issues with your systems. In scenarios like this, our consultancy service comes into its own. We will visit you onsite and inspect your systems to understand whether they are working efficiently and how effective control of the hazardous substances can be achieved. Envirofil are P601 certified for LEV testing and inspection.

The Benefits of Envirofil’s LEV Testing Services

1 Compliance

2 Staff and patient safety

3 Minimising downtime

4 Minimising cost and disruption